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29 Nov 2012


Looking for Christmas inspiration? No worries SelfPackaging is here to help you.

Because we adore handmade, we suggest you some ideas to make your ‘packagings’ look nicer with no need to spend money.

Search in your old cupboard things to put on the box. We went to our grandma’s home and we came across a box plenty of spare buttons. Pick and paste some of them on the gift box to decorate it. We form a Christmas tree with them. And do you know who’s going to be the final owner of this cute box? Why not the person who offered her material to decorate it? Make your grandma happy! Christmas is family time! ;)

Or maybe these spare lace edgings that once she used to make curtains… Everything is valuable! Just trust on your imagination.

We’re sick and tired to see the same Christmas colours… red, white, gold, silver, green… Enough is enough… Let’s innovate! We took light blue to say ‘I love you’ or 'how special and magic is the person you love’ at Christmas! Which colour would you like to pick?

OK, we know some of you are not ‘blue supporters’ at Christmas! For the ones that prefer Santa’s colours, we suggest you some of our jingle pendants to give a touch of Christmas magic.

At last but not least, we propose you an original decoration. Take advantage of these colour sprays that once you bought for something that you barely remember. Cut cardboard stars and paint them with colour sprays, we chose white, matching with a lace edgings serigraphy.

Looking forward to receiving your ideas!! Happy early Christmas! In two days we’re in December. Have you made your DIY advent calendar?

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