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4 Dec 2012


Sick and tired of the traditional Christmas tree? Make it one by yourself. Handmade gives us a lot of possibilities to make our customized Christmas tree.
We’ll give you some ideas to decorate and make your Christmas tree.
Is everything ready? let’s go then…

We chose cardboard to decorate it, cheap and easy to get. And we drew a star on it, to put up on top of the Christmas tree. Stars, angels, Santa’s silhouette… what is the most important for you?

Colour sprays will make the rest for you. We didn’t want to take risks and we chose the white one. But we added a touch of magic glitter on it. Translation: metallic paint.

Let’s match it with our snowy Christmas tree. We know, it’s in brown colour, don’t panic, let’s make it nicer. Grab your single hole punch and start making holes following the shape of the tree.

We decided to take advantage of the colour spray in white which has been already used.
And do you guess what’s the purpose of the holes that we did before? We accept bets.

Our suggestion? Pass wool threat through the holes. We picked the white one, we want to make our Christmas tree as white as possible. Maybe it’s because we are not very used to seeing snowing in our country. At least, let’s pretend to have a snowy Christmas tree.

And that's the result!!

If you’re a busy person, which means less time to make or buy your Christmas decorations, we have another alternative for you.

Gold laces and jingle pendants, that’s all you need!

But if you are the contrary case, you like spending lot of time making your Christmas decorations, everybody here has his/her Christmas tree.

Paper prints are very useful in this case. Take the paper prints and paste a different one on every Christmas tree layer. Match them however you want, strips and dots, same or different colours, cut some stars, a snowy background… You notice that one of our favourite colours is blue, don’t you?

And you know the song, once we have your Christmas tree… Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some carolling.

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