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30 Jan 2014


The most romantic day of the year is almost around the corner. Whether you have a partner or not, you should let the Valentine’s atmosphere surround you.

We want you to make your Valentine’s gift nicer, that’s why we want to introduce all our accessories and gift boxes for this day of the year plenty of ‘amour’

If you are shy to tell him that you are head over heels for him… No worries! Our labels and gift boxes can do it for you!

I am sure there are lots of ‘Love Actually’ fans out here. The perfect film to watch wrapped in a blanket in a rainy day. Who don’t dream about being Keira Knightley in Love Actually and being surprised by a charming gentleman with a romantic wording? You don’t have to wait any longer...

  Look what we designed for you…"To me, you are perfect”.

We also have the gift box

In SelfPackaging we are ‘happy ending’ lovers , so we created your perfect ‘happy ending’…and they lived happily ever after (sigh…) It could be your perfect wedding favour!

If you are that kind of person who prefers spending time with your partner rather than giving presents... You know, a non-material girl... Take him to the countryside! A lovely day together must have a lovely meal. Put your lunch inside this picnic box plenty of love.

To gather all our Valentine’s Day items, we created a special tab for you on our website! Check what we prepared for the most romantic day of the year! Spread your love!

21 Jan 2014


If some days ago we introduced the clear boxes for cake pops and our cake pop inserts for our popcorn boxes, today it's the time for the boxes for a single cake pop.

We wanted to design a box for cake pops to keep them individually, we started to think about it, tossing and turning all night, and finally the inspiration came to visit us. We got down to work and here is our final result.
A perfect gift for your wedding guests, baby showers or b-day parties!

The cake pop boxes come with a hole or without it, depending on how mysterious your cake pops will be: if you want to keep the secret until the last moment or if you want to let people know how your delicious cake pops look like.

You can’t be sad when you are holding a cake pop!!

10 Jan 2014


Christmas is over!  We really miss its Christmas trees, lights, family gatherings, gifts… All we have been waiting during a year…. Ciao! Everything has gone once more!

And now… Go for a new year! We didn’t like the number 13… Plenty of bad vibes! Now it's time to start a new year, so we will start listing our New Year resolutions. Sometimes they are hard to accomplish or we loose some of them on the way… But one should believe in oneself! Go team go! This 2014 will be amazing!

Tuesday, 9am, SelfPackaging headquarters. Back from vacation. Meeting!
Boss: This year we have to give it all! 
SelfPackaging team: Sir, Yes Sir! In fact, we already have some ideas… 

We have listed them below, let’s see your opinion! 

1.NEW!! Boxes for a single cake pop

It is almost ready! Box for a single cake pop! They are so cute, you would kiss them! Without or with a hole to let people with a sweet tooth see the cake pop. What do you think? Coming soon…

2. Another newness! HUUUGE boxes for cakes:

Did you want huuuge boxes? There you go… or there you will go soon! Huge boxes for cakes with a base and micro-channel cardboard lid to make them more resistant. The body is made of card to give them a touch of color!

3. Supernew!! Patterned accessories

We're going to have patterned labels! We're looking for textures, motives and inspiration… We are already working on it!

More? Do you want to know more? Boxes with nice wordings on them, special editions, patterned ribbons, new colours and… a basic and low-cost line which will be your first choice if you're looking for cheap and high quality boxes in lovely colors.

Are you going to stay with us this year?

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