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8 Jan 2014

Christmas Markets we love: Frankfurt and Heidelberg

We are back!! And we have a lot of things to show you. Every year we visit some Christmas markets to look for some inspiration and discover other traditions from other countries. If last year was the UK, this year we flew to Germany -Frankfurt and Heidelberg-.
Heidelberg (Germany)

There, we were inspired by the German traditions; Glühwein (or in other word: mulled wine) and sausages were our favs. We also discovered lovely gingerbread hearts and figures, marzipan sweets, waffles and pretzels.

These were the sweet stuff but we also found out handmade objects not to eat: honey candles, handmade nutcrackers (it reminds me the Christmas tale), cute teddy bears and tiny houses to decorate your home. We enjoyed the magic of these two cities and we have no complaints about the cold, it was quite nice.

We also pass by Frankenstein's castle… so creepy! We preferred not to stay close and we took no pictures… just in case :S

We want to thank our friends Rodolfo Box and Vera Kühn for being so nice with the SelfPackaging team. Hope to see you soon in Barcelona.

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