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19 Dec 2012


In winter we need to wrap us up because it’s cold. Then, why we don’t wrap our ‘gifts' up?
We don’t want them to catch a cold. That’s why we decided to buy a wool skein from Katia to make them warmer.

Take the wool and use it as a ribbon. It gives them a wintry look, ideal for your Christmas gifts.
You can gather a small amount together in a corner, it will look like a cool wide ribbon. 

Or just tie the wool as a bow or hang it as a pendant. As you can see in the pictures the options are varied and a lot.

Or combine it with a jingle pendant or a little Christmas ball hanging on your Christmas packaging.

Or just forget about our tips and create a new way to use the wool on your gift-wraps. Remember, this winter Wool is Cool, just let them wrap your presents. There are lots of types of it: different colours, -even there are yarns which mix colours- sizes, and with trendy details. We discovered a new world of wool which was unknown for us. We chose the degradé one in grey.

Or if your Christmas presents are already gift-wrapped, another wool use might be just for decorating. Wrap whatever you want, we chose to cover our star-shape box with wool in a disorganised way.

What’s your name? Mary? Take one of our letters, the ‘M’ in this case, and wrap it up with wool. So, you can change the wool colour depending on your mood. It’s winter, why not in grey? It’s Christmas, maybe in red? St. Patrick’s day… Do you guess the colour?

 If you want to get our cardboard letters for free don't forget to participate in our Boxing Day Competition! Good luck! ;)

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