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22 Nov 2012


This weekend is going to take place one of the most 'yummy events' in Barcelona, BCN&Cake. SelfPackaging is going to be there to make more beautiful your lovely cakes, muffins and cupcakes… All your sweety things fit perfectly in one of our party boxes. Because we are as sweet as you are…
Here we suggest you some ideas but you are the real artist, we’re sure that you can surprise us.

Make a label and write on it the sweetest message for the sweetest person. Take the most cute cupcacke and put into one of our individual cupcake boxes. Or if you have a few friends to share these colourful muffins we can design for you a box suitable for them.

A party? A baby shower? Don’t worry you can put your cupcakes or cakes on one of our exhibitors to look nicer.

And from this moment on you can add all kind of ribbons (don’t forget to watch our Youtube Channel named SelfPackaging and discover how many ways there are to tie them)

Next week we’re going to show you some pics of the cake fair… but we couldn’t wait for showing you our new arrivals.

Enjoy them! Next week available on our website.

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