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20 Nov 2012


Advent calendars are not new, they are a German Nineteenth Century invention. German protestant children counted down the days to get to the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.

Nowadays this tradition has been popularized around the world, and no matter which beliefs you have, where you are from or the young you are.
But there’s no need to buy one, you can customize one by yourself.

SelfPackaging is going to help you in this business. We are showing you how you can create your DIY advent calendar with small boxes.

December is coming and the counting down is almost here. That’s why we suggest two kinds of advent calendar, choose whichever you want, or even better make your own version of them. It would be nice to see your creations.

Our first example is made with our small box 1506_S, lovely, small and squared. Are you thinking how you are going to fill them in? Mmmmm… Chocolates? Sweets? Little toys?

Its size lets you pile them, let your imagination flow: a pyramid, hanged on your Christmas tree…
Easy to make: pick your favourite number typography, small boxes, a black pen, natural cord and our Jingle pendants to give it a Christmas touch.
And ready to start… open each small box every day from 1st December on.

Our second suggestion is about hanging them on the wall, very useful if your home is small or you have a lack of space, as everybody nowadays. This one takes no space! For that reason we have chosen our jewellery-must box whose reference number is 1614.
You can select the colour that inspires you: we have chosen gold! Where in the world gold is not related to Christmas?
Once we did it, we added some details such as cord or reindeer jingle pendants.

To make it funnier, we can hang them out of order and children will enjoy looking for the days.

How did we make it? Take a puncher, make a hole at the corner, put a cord through it… and there you go. Just stamp the number on a label or even better, practise your drawing abilities writing the number on it. Do you still have cord? Create some details with this material.

Looking forward to seeing your creations!!! Choose your favourite small box and let your talent flow!

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