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27 Nov 2012


If it’s hard to think about your Christmas gifts and decorations, Self Packaging wants you to make it a little bit easier. How? The perfect packaging for your presents or simply don’t waste your time thinking about Christmas decorations.

Our star gift box is the suitable box for your Christmas presents, it’s perfect for jewellery, chocolates or your knick-knacks you can’t resist to buy in Christmas markets. At our office we have to confess that the use of the star has been another one, very different. All the employees have hanged their star up on our Christmas tree with a wish for the next year inside. We will cross our fingers, hope our wishes will come true.

This year Rudolph isn’t at the North Pole, he is among us. A tip, let your children make the decoration on it, they will enjoy painting a red nose on it. This way they are going to participate in the Christmas decorations.
But because we haven’t got our children at work we decided to decorate the reindeer by ourselves, we wrap it up in white lights. Easy and smart, what else do we need?

Of course, you’re right we need a Christmas tree as well! But this year there’s no need to get all your home floor dirty! This year just take the Self Packaging one, easy to make, easy to clean, easy to get ( 

But if you’re a Christmas conservative person, and you prefer the real one, we accept it, but the thing you can’t miss is our small box in Christmas tree shape. One of the must-have this Christmas, how cute it could be all the Christmas tree surrounded by Self Packaging Christmas tree boxes and Self Packaging star boxes hanged on it.

But as we always say, YOU are the most important thing for us, and you are the one who has the power to create. Lucía from sent us this cute pic of her Christmas tree box. Her child is decorating it to make an advent calendar. We love it!

Apart from handmade and crafts, we are animal lovers as well. That’s why we created some friends for Rudolph: our well-known Rabbit named Packito and a Squirrel without any name. Is there any name that pops into your mind for it?
These gift boxes are going to delight your kids. And after that we’re sure they are going to take part of your kids’ rooms. See how lovely it looks in one of our followers child’s room (Bea from

Christmas is time for family gatherings but Self Packaging wants you to immortalize all these happy moments. By the moment we’re not designing cameras yet but we design these cute photo frames for you and your family portraits.

There’s no –familiy or friends- gathering without food. A table plenty of delicatessen, mmmm… it’s almost dinner time and you can notice I’m hungry. We have this lovely stand to put your starters, desserts or whatever you want for making your cooked or baked food look nicer. In a short period we can also introduce you our cake exhibitor.

But if you’re really design lover, we’re sure you’re going to adore these cardboard squares and vases, we’re looking forward to seeing what ideas you have for that, we have some but keep them inside our pocket at the moment: stationery stuff in it, to decorate your fav corner...

So many options!!! But we’re sure that you’ve already picked your favourite one! For Christmas or anytime, any occasion is a great occasion for making your life more lovely with SelfPackaging.
Long live the handmade!!

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