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12 Nov 2012


First of all, before writing any post, we would like to introduce you all our crew and how we work.
We have our headquarters in Barcelona, near the Sagrada Familia. We don’t know if it’s due to Gaudi’s inspiration that we have the power of designing.

And what do we design?

The people responsible for designing are our amazing staff: creating 8 hours a day, being of good cheer, sharing craft ideas and it’s basically a girl’s power. I feel sorry for the incipient amount of males at our office, this is the girls’ kingdom.

We know you like gossiping, that’s why we open our studio doors to show you what is hidden behind SelfPackaging walls.

Laura is touching up some photos: a SelfPackaging box always looks much better if it is under Laura’s power.

Music inspires us.

 Did I tell you that we have animals in our staff? Packito, our rabbit box, is telling us its ideas for next Easter.

Creating, smiling, designing… The SelfPackaging formula.

 ‘Games console’ remote control is switched on. Ready to cut.

It’s shooting time: Mireia’s hands are the most skilled ones at our office.

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