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12 Mar 2013


Cute bunnies and chocolate! What a wonderful time Easter is! That’s why we’ve decided to mix our three passions: lovely animals, chocolate and boxes… and some ideas have popped up!!

This bunny is not late as the Alice in wonderland one, so you can enjoy making it.
What you need is a Chinese noodles box in white, ref. 2218_S and download this PDF with the necessary material to make the adorable bunny face and ears, and as a result a charming box for your Easter eggs.

Download the PDF by clicking on the image

However, any of our boxes can become a bunny, have a look of the options we have created. The following one is made of our pillow box.

Even with one of our new boxes, the popcorn one.

And we can’t forget one of our must-have boxes: the picnic one. Perfect to put as many eggs as you children wish.

We couldn’t wait anymore… This is our new Easter box!! It’s not available yet in our catalogue but it will be our next incorporation!!!

We wish you a Happy Easter and a big Bunny SelfPackaging box plenty of Easter eggs and decorated by lovable pinkish labels -which you can download by clicking on the pic-.

We can’t finish this post without thanking ‘Kokoa – La fábrica de chocolate’-, which kindly made this delicious and beautiful Easter eggs for us (I said delicious because we’ve been able to taste them… mmmmmm) Thanks a lot!

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