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19 Mar 2013


A box for cookies, a box for cookies… It would work with macarons as well, with transparent lid… You would choose between lots of colours, in different sizes…

Wish fulfilled!! It's our box 2244 for cookies and macarons

Here you are! The bottle genius makes your wishes come true. Well, we should confess you that it’s not the bottle genius… We did it, SelfPackaging.

After several requests of this box, we got down to work and this is the amazing result we’ve obtained!!

You will find them in three sizes: the small one, the medium one (it is the lengthiest one) and the biggest one (which is squared) to put your sweetest creations inside.

Easy to decorate! ;)

Whatever the occasion is: b-day parties, presents with love… this will be your box for your cookies or macaroons! ;)

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