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27 Mar 2013


Since we attended the Market, last December in London -the Christmas edition- we felt in love with this market. That’s why we decided we wanted to collaborate with them in the next edition.

What are we talking about? About Crafty Fox Market. A lovely London Art & Design Market where you can find talented design makers with their amazing handmade creations: from toys to jewellery, even a pop up tea room from The Tea's Knees. The Market lasts two days and every day you can find different artisans, so make sure you have all the weekend free because you will want to go back the next day for certain.

When we first came there, it was hard to find for us, of course we are no real Londoners, but when we found it, we understood why it was in such an amazing place. Dogstar where it is usually placed, in the heart of Brixton, an awesome pub, as it is defined itself ‘Its exquisite and timeless design create a 'Surrealist Boudoir'’. True!

 Bunny boxes!! How cute they are! Available on our website

When you get in you find a pleasant atmosphere liven up by great djs and mixed with the market ambience. You can carry on with this feeling when you go upstairs to enjoy the scheduled workshops. In this Easter edition was the turn of 
Mr. Windgate (Sam) who screen-printed tote bags for all the assistants who enrolled for the workshop. What nice designs they made! Even they dared to screen-print our SelfPackaging picninc boxes, and the result was spectacular. Sam you are an artist!

But we can’t finish without thanking its organizers Stephan and Sinead who take care of everything of the Market and of its sponsors, such as SelfPackaging, to help us in whatever we need. Standing ovation for them and for the project they create, Crafty Fox Market.

If you have just discovered this nice market in London, we will invite you to follow us on its blog. It will keep you updated when the next market / event will take place ;)

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  1. ¡¡ qué bien, ¿verdad? !! enhorabuena guapísimas <3


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