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14 Mar 2013


Valentine’s has gone but it doesn’t mean we forget the colour pink. We love decorating in pink and with hearts, so we’ve thought why don’t use these shades all year.
Let’s decorate together this cupcake box

What you need:

- Scissors
- A drawn heart on a patterned paper
- A lovely lengthened stamp (this one is from Cromatismes)
- An ink pad
- A small piece of threat
- Nice buttons (these ones are also from Cromatismes)
- Our box for four cupcakes, ref. 2214_L

What we’ll do first is stamp the lengthened stamp on the box before assembling it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not in the centre of the box but it must be straight. Same tip if you want to apply adhesive tape or washi tape, better before assembling it.

Once the box is already stamped, we’ll start building it. This model is very easy to assemble, in any case, you’ll find an explanatory video here to know how to set up the box.

This box doesn’t need glue or adhesive tape to assembly it. So, it makes the job much easier ;).

At this point, your box should look like this.

Then, we cut the heart we drew previously on the patterned paper. The pattern and the heart design is up to the look you want to obtain. We’ve drawn a heart on a red and pink pattern and in an irregular way, we’ve avoided the typical rounded heart.  Test your originality!

Glue the back of the heart to stick it on the box’s lid, just above the stamp pattern.

Afterwards, pass the buttons trough the thread, one by one and facing up. We took five buttons only but it will depend on the size of them.

Tip: Stick a little bit of adhesive tape around the thread to start threading easily.

Take the thread with the buttons and go with it across the box. Tight the thread as a ribbon at the side.

Et voilà! Here you have your cupcake box to keep all your love in.

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