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21 Feb 2013


One day, while we were checking a long list of blogs we usually check out in searching for ideas, inspiration and some desires to work, we came across a decoration we really felt in love with.

Easy shape and great look, so we decided to make a tutorial with pictures to show you step by step this awesome decoration. We have included a freebie as well because we want you to have the chance to make it at your home.

- Coloured papers in different prints. To make the job easier, you can download and print the ones we designed specially for you.

- Scissors

- Craft punch of 1 ½” of diameter

- Hand punch of 1/8”.

- Satin cord

- A little box, we’ve chosen the model 1501 of our website in M size. 


1.     Download and print the piece of paper with coloured bands in different prints we’ve previously prepared for you. Cut the bands and punch some circles with the craft punch of 1 ½” (38 mm) of diameter.

2.     Mark in the paper circles, two points with a 1 cm separation and make a hole on them with a drill of 1/8”.

3.     Put the satin cord through the holes, as pretending to thread.

4.     Put the cord around the box and tight it in the base.

Here is your rounded decoration! Easy to make and great look!

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