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14 Feb 2013


Everybody knows Valentine’s Day but… does everybody know what it really means and where it comes from?
Some of you might think it’s an invention of the malls. Unfortunately for the first time it’s not, this festivity has its origins, although we have different versions of it.

There are different theories about this celebration, but it seems that the Valentinus one is the most common one.
It was a 14th of February of the year 270 when a man named Valentinus was martyred for marrying young soldiers. During Claudius II Empire, this Christian priest married young soldiers with their young ladies. That’s the reason why Valentinus is currently the patron saint of lovers. 

Claudius thought young soldiers with no family bonds were better soldiers than the bonded ones. That’s why Valentinus ideas were against his interests and he was sent to prison. Although he tried to convince Claudius to become Christian and he cured the blindness of an official’s daughter named Julia, he finally was martyred and executed a 14th of Februray of 270.

To remember him, Julia planted an almond tree next to Valentinus grave which will become a lover’s symbol later on.

However, the most well-known celebration is on the Feb. 14, some other countries celebrate it other days. In most of the South-American countries it is held in summer.

Other no Christian countries have taken advantage of this celebration as a consumerism celebration. That’s the Japanese case: one of the chocolates company in this country introduced this festivity. But in this case women are who give a gift to men. It doesn’t really matter if he is your lover, your father or your mate, but take into account that to your lover you should give as a present the most special chocolate for you. As a reward a month later, on 14th of March men give as a gift something white (white chocolate, underwear clothes…) to women, it is known as the White Day.

And why is Cupid involved in Valentine’s Day? Here it comes another theory. History says it was an ancient festivity in honor of Eros (for Greeks) and later on called Cupid for the Romans. In this case, it’s the other way round, a pagan celebration was turned into a Christian celebration. People asked for God favors, related to love, giving him presents and oblations.

Nowadays, we have a mixed and confused story based in the Valentinus one but with symbols of the Cupid one.

However they are not the only versions of the lovers’ day, in Northern countries is the period when birds match  and reproduce. It is said that lovers took this date as a love and creation symbol.

We find many kinds of versions for this day, but the summary is whatever the origin of this celebration is, it’s always a pleasure share your love with your loved ones.

And don’t hesitate to tell us your own country version… ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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