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7 Feb 2013


If you didn’t have time to ask for your wishes at New Year’s Eve, let the fortune cookies predict them for you. Or even better make your own fortune sentences and share luck with everybody.
Once you’ve already chosen your fortune sentences, it’s time to make the cookies. It’s true, you can bake them, but we are so fans of paper and cardboard handmade that we can’t resist making them of these materials.

What we need
Colour papers, Scissors, Pencil, Glue, Something round about 10cm of diameter, such as a rounded lid

Mark the outline of the round object on the colour paper, or you can use a compass to do it if you are more precise and mathematic. Make the circles you wish. The more you draw, the more fortune you’ll have ;)

Once it’s done, bend it half way and push with your finger at the centre, as you pretend to get together the opposite sides of the circles. You can see it properly on the image below. Once the mark is done, glue this central part.

And ready to eat… I mean ready to open! ;)

Do you have everything ready to celebrate the Year of the Snake this Sunday? We have a great combination of boxes ready for our guests. The Chinese noodles box it will be the ‘must’ of the party.

And you, are you ready for this reptile year?

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