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16 Jan 2013


To decorate weddings and birthday parties, for candy bars, for original presents...
You asked us for them and they are almost here: buying popcorn boxes in SelfPackaging will be possible soon.

But we give you the privilege to see them, for the first time, because we can't wait the box to be launched!!

It will be available in two different sizes and in a lot of cool colours. So, next time, at Christmas for instance, you will be able to decorate your gifts in a nice way:

Just writing on it and a pair of washi-tapes. ready for success!

We are showing you the boxes in kraft, but... Do you imagine them in colours?

Or, a while ago we suggested you the Halloween decorations. We know that this scary period is over but we love these both cute and frightening boxes. 

We are sure that the popcorn box will be a boost in our gift boxes catalogue and it will become into one of your favourites ones.

Always, always with lots of love

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