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17 Jan 2013


SelfPackaging has a box for each occasion: for Christmas you have the box in the shape of a star, for Easter the rabbit one… Then we considered that another special occasion as Valentine’s Day should have a proper box. That can not be another thing that a heart to melt somebody else’s heart down.

As always, the inner part is up to you (chocolates, jewellery, might it be a special ring?), and about the outer part… let us share with you some ideas

What we need:

- Colour papers: Sorry, for Valentine’s Day, we can’t avoid it, the main colour is pink.
- Glue
- Pencil
- Scissors


Once you have everything, let’s start. Take one of the colour papers -I think you don’t have any other chance, it’s pink- and draw a spiral on it. Then, cut it and, from the centre to the outside, blend the paper in spiral shape as well (hard to explain, easy to see on the below pictures).

Put glue at the back, the smallest part, and repeat the sequence the times you wish, or the times you need to make all the items to cover your box.

Here you are, our lovely box ready to give it as a love present. You have, at the same time, a bouquet of flowers and a nice heart ;)

We mixed the Valentine’s pink with shades of ‘nude’ and brown which give the box a ‘romantic’ look.

If you don’t have so much time or you don’t want to spend it on that issue, you can use the same technique to reproduce that cute heart in a smaller scale as we did. You know we are cord fans… some cord around the box to give it a ‘handmade look’ and labels with love messages or if you don’t have enough hearts yet, cut one label in heart shape.

Ok, let’s stop talking about hearts, you also use this paper technique we show you to decorate a box, using it as a motive: small bouquets of flowers on the box corners and the well-know cord and label decoration.

Super ready to see your ideas and what you’re going to put inside. We love ‘romantic presents’.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!


  1. REally cute, i have pin it! ILE

  2. Thank you ILE! We're happy you like it!! ;)


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