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3 Jan 2013


New year, new illusions, new dreams…
Have you made a list with your good intentions for this year? We always try to accomplish all of them, but always, at least, there’s one missing.

What are your plans for 2013? Any good news: wedding, a baby is coming… If the answer is yes, we give you few favours to handle in your special event. So, another thing not to worry about anymore.

If the good piece of news is a baby delivery, we suggest you some baptism ideas.
What does everybody love? Easy to answer, sweets! Well, sometimes we hate it because of the calories we gain with it, but from time to time it is a good pleasure.

If it’s a boy, you can choose the light blue box (Ref. 1504) and fill it with cookies with blue motives to match with it. We chose two hearts, a T-shirt and a flower cookie. If it’s a baby girl and you follow the colour traditions, no worries. We’ve got plenty of colours for you on our website… We have all the rainbow range and much more for you.

The cover can be decorated as we did. Cut some small triangle pieces in different prints and stick them on laces to pretend to be banderols. A loving message on the box, always help.

But if your mind is more squared, we have the ideal box for you, (Ref. 1506_S). Cut a label, print a message on it (for example the name of your baby and the date of birth), decorate it and wrap the box with cord… et.. voilà… You have another baptism favour ready.  

Put inside whatever you want, we’re sure you have some great ideas to provide us… We give you the packaging, and you bring us the imagination. Good deal! ;)
So, we’ll show you another option, our small pillow box (Ref.1614). We cut two types of labels and decorated them different: one in stripes and the other one with a baby bottle, and both of them decorated with a two-cloured laces.

Send us your baptism favours pics! And Congratulations for your future baby birth this 2013!

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