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21 Nov 2013

It's time to read! Discover SelfPackaging books!

How many of you know that in SelfPackaging we have books about packaging design
Hands up! Mmm... Not many, I'm afraid

The thing is we have five books published. Among them we can find the best sellers Structural Packaging, Structural Displays and Structural greetings. The first of them, 'the original', has been translated into lots of languages from  English to Chinese or Italian... and it has been a hit.

Structural Packaging has sold 100,000 copies around the world!

The other two are more specific. Structural Displays contains a lot of display designs: table displays, stand displays or all the displays you can imagine.

The last one, Strcutural Greetings, which is the one we would like to talk about today is an original compilation of cards 

Structural Greetings or how to say something in an original way.

If you are a design lover, this is a perfect Christmas gift for you!!!

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