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23 Oct 2013

Tutorial: original gift box

We can’t wait any longer! We want to introduce our latest design! A new gift box!
All the orders placed between Oct. 23rd and 29th, will receive a bonus gift! Five units of our new gift box! It's not even in our catalogue yet, but it will be added soon. What do you think??

While we are preparing the assembly video, here is a tutorial to show you how to make it! It's easy!
First of all, this is what you will receive (no double-sided adhesive tape required for the assembly):

- 5 elongated pieces in turquoise
- 5 elongated pieces in fuchsia

It's so easy! You just need to insert into each other, as shown, alternating the colours:

Repeat the procedure successively, a fuchsia piece, then a turquoise one, until we have this nice peacock tail

Once all the pieces are put together in place for one of the sides, we turn the ‘fan’

Next, we start fitting the other sides to each other, starting from the right-hand one and placing each one after the other, as shown, always from the bottom:

Keep going on with the process, piece by piece:

And our gift box is ready! A tidy little surprise to delight everybody… Ta-dah!

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