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30 Jul 2013


Today we bring you this kind of blog post where we explain you how we work in SelfPackaging, what is the procedure to introduce you a new lovely little gift box. In this case, it’s time for the Cake Pop box

What is a Cake Pop? Some of you may ask yourselves what it is. So, for all of you we want to dedicate this Cake Pop selection from Pinterest to you. Enjoy it ;)

Photo from These peas are hollow blog

 Photo from Michelle's dolce vita blog 

 Photo from Crafty Kim blog

 Photo from Evie and Mallow blog

 Photo from Entirely Sweet blog

Photo from Beautiful cake pictures blog

Photo from Beautiful cake pictures blog

Photo from Beautiful cake pictures blog

 Photo from A bull's eye view blog

What do you think about it? Sudden hunger? Looking forward to decorating a birthday table? Until now, in SelfPackaging our customers were the ones who designed a way to present the cake pops properly. As Nuria from The Cupcake Moment blog did; she was successful with our lidded box for cakes, ref. number: 2242:

If you want an original cake, Nuria is the one you are looking for… 
 However, this wasn’t enough for us… We want to give you a box for cake pops as soon as possible! So, we have gotten down to work! We are designing it and we want to show you what we have made… They are just prototypes, but we would like to know your opinion about them… 

  Firstly, we want to prepare a pair of cake pop stands. In the picture you can see our cake stand, we are trying to design a new one specially for cake pops, this is simply a trial. The idea will be making the base thicker to maintain the cake pop sticks upright and well held, in case a breeze comes to your party
As you can see, what they contain is not cake pops either… Do you want to know how we have made it? Cheap and attractive: pink marshmallows in the shape of a mushroom, stuck on a stick. To wrap them up, we have used our coloured tissue paper and Mireia, one of our design artists, has drawn little lines and dots… Thank you Mireia for your patience! Then, a little bit of kraft cord… and they are ready! Well, the fuchsia sateen ribbon as the final detail gives it the final touch.

One of the things we will also adapt for sure are our popcorn boxes (ref.2221) to make them suitable to contain cake pops. It will be as easy as adding into them a cake pop insert, optional of course, to let you decorate your ‘oh-so-lovely’ party table.

To make these fake cake pops we have used: delicious Happy Hippo chocolates from Kinder for the big one, and the classic round lollipops (Chupa Chups) for the small one. Here once again Mireia has given us her creativity.  

So… what do you think? That is not all folks! Far from it, we have a lot of ideas we want to carry out because we want to fulfil all the suggestions you have made us, but step by step… We will keep you updated. 

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