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23 Jul 2013


Some time ago we released our box for mugs, but because we were very busy, we didn’t introduce it to you properly…. This box doesn’t deserve this!

Our box for mugs is simple, nice, practical and super easy to decorate, and it is going to help everyone to give a personalized mug as a present (super idea as an original wedding favour) and who doesn’t want to place a big order… So, that is for you!! No need to place a large order with SelfPackaging.

Image gallery to fall in love with our box

Our box for mugs with:

There you go, our box for mugs with its hands up (sorry, we give personality to all our gift boxes).
Here it goes with our round cardboard labels, natural cord and classic cardboard labels. We don’t miss our cupcake patterned ribbon, which has stolen our heart!!

To decorate mugs the heart patterned ribbon and the square labels are also ideal!

Hands up!

The printed ribbon “You are my (star)” is for very special people…

Any mug will be pleased to stay in this little box…

What about with masking tape and some bakers twine? Is it an ideal wedding favour or not?

Use our heart-shaped labels to spread love everywhere you go… 

A helpful and customizable present needs a helpful and customizable box… Here you are. Do you like it?

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