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9 Apr 2013


Today we feel like strolling on the net and bring you a pair of ideas (or more) to decorate a space with cardboard letters.

We have found thousands of examples, so we have picked some, the ones we liked the most. Let’s see what you think about our selection.

Wrapped up with old fairy tales pages, or with these encyclopaedias which we don’t want to throw  away, in spite of the existence of Wikipedia… They can be perfect to decorate that corner where we love sitting down and flicking through good books peacefully.

Pic: Kelly Hampton's blog

We have seen the letters ‘L’ ‘O’ ‘V’ ‘E’ here and there… The question is: how can you personalize them? Why don’t you decorate them with wool?

 Pic My pretty pennies' blog

In fact we already introduce this idea to you months ago in our blog about how to decorate our gift boxes with wool, or in other words, ‘wool is cool’ at Christmas.

This is another photo, whose source (if somebody helps us we’ll definitely edit the blog post), that gives us a brief idea of how nice the name of the child can look in a corner of the room. It’s a lovely idea!

The next one is not properly a DIY idea. We have to admit we found these letters already made. However we are DIY supporters, so we are sure you can make them as good as the one in the picture. 

This is another decoration for a baby’s room, which we really love. We know it’s gonna be hard wrapping all the letters up, but the result is amazing.

Now we show you some options to decorate different rooms at home. In this first picture you can see the cardboard letters painted of metallic paint and they look great at the washing machine corner that  is sometimes a mess.

We couldn’t find the source of this image either, but the result is ideal to decorate the guests’ room.

And to decorate the kitchen or a living room corner nothing better than a word to whet your appetite.

And, of course, we can’t miss the opportunity of showing you some SelfPackaging decorations ‘made with carton’… For parties:

For birthdays and celebrations, with this vintage touch you get painting them and scrubbing them with sandpaper:

 We have not only cardboard letters but also cardbord numbers and symbols.

At last, but not least, the new arrival we’ll show you soon (you know that the waiting issue doesn’t work for us): another font, another size… and plenty of colours…

We hope you have liked the proposed inspirations… We swear coming back soon with more news and tutorials.

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